Tasman Energy
Book on building a high performance battery charger

Build a battery charger!

Build Your Own Direct Charging Plant:

Do You Use Deep Cycle Batteries to Store Your Power?
If you use deep cycle batteries for power storage an efficient backup battery charging plant is a must.

In This Book Learn About:

  • Deep cycle batteries and how to charge them
  • Diesel and petrol stationary engines, horsepower, torque and efficiency
  • Alternators, permanent magnet generators and converted electric motors for use in battery charging
  • Step by step construction of a direct charging plant
  • ISBN 978-0-9581100-5-1, 120 pages with all colour photographs

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$12.95 USD. Yep that's correct, it's the good ole greenback. This is the currency Lulu use even though this here book was written in Australia!