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Components for your off grid energy setup

This page contains a series of links to articles detailing renewable energy generators and the associated components that make up a complete renewable energy system.

From solar panels to micro hydro and steam engines and articles on grid feed solar, hopefully there will be something here to increase you knowledge about generating your own power.

Learn about electrical calculations

Learn about electrical calculations for your off grid power system

Some info about basic electricity and how it applies to solar power systems

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Off grid house

Work out what you need

Work out what you need, what you can run or what you can afford with this information

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Info on connecting your caravan to solar power

Going on the road with solar power?

Here is some info applicable to caravan and motorhome owners

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Off grid energy calculations

Some maths?

Most people hate mathematics but with a "keep it simple" approach, here are some calculations to kick off your power system design.

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Solar panel information

Solar panels

Learn about different solar paneltypes, their construction and the differences in manufacture

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Solar regulator

Solar regulators

Learn about solar regulators and maximum power point trackers with this article

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An inverter


Inverters explained in simple English!

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An inverter/charger


Inverter/chargers explained in simple English!

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Wind generator

Wind generators

Fancy a wind generator? They are great things in the right area ... but hopeless even in some "windy" locations.

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Micro hydro system

Micro hydro systems

Got water? Flowing water? Water falling from height? If so, a micro hydro power system is very hard to beat.

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Strath Steam steam engine

Steam Engines

Steam engines are great items to play with if you are an enthusiast, here is an introduction to steam power for your off grid house

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Biodiesel fuel

Biodiesel is home made fuel

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel you can make at home using vegetable oil, even used vegetable oil as a base. I make it, so can you.

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Deep cycle battery bank

Deep cycle batteries

To store all the renewable energy you generate you will need a battery bank. Deep cycle batteries explained.

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About battery charging

Recharging lead acid batteries

Recharging lead acid batteries requires some understanding, things like "charge acceptance" amd "C ratings" are explained in this article

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Grid feed power systems

Thinking of a grid feed solar system?

This article explains how a grid feed solar power system works.

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Grid feed info

Grid feed economics

Best you read this article prior to fitting a grid feed solar system and get to know what it is all about. It is NOT about being green. It is about economics!

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