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Here is a roundup of renewable energy news I pick up around the internet and from reading in general. I hope you find something of interest here. If you have any interesting articles relating to renewable energy you would like to see here, please email me the link.

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New news
New news
New batteries becoming available

Powerwall: Solar energy storage batteries "set to transform the Australian electricity industry"

But don't hold your breath waiting ... This article is from ABC news. Don't get me wrong, I would dearly like to see some new batteries on the market and my NiCd batteries are getting on in years (but still functioning well).

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More on new batteries

How do Tesla's home batteries work?

Here is another article on the Tesla solar energy storage battery sourced from Live Science. These batteries are getting a bit of media coverage lately and we can only live in hope that not only do they become available for grid connected folk, but they are adapatable for folks living off grid.

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Unsold cars

What happens to the worlds unsold cars?

I thought they all got sold! The car salesmans line; "they are thin on the ground, these models" could well be bullshit. It appears that unsold cars can create a storage problem. Here is an interesting article on the sheer number of unsold cars and the storage problems that comes from having them.

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Worlds most efficient car

Is this the world's most efficient car?

Readers of this site will be aware of my love for not paying for petrol. After all, getting around without a huge fuel bill is pretty neat. Here is an interesting car that makes the average car look a bit like a petrol guzzler.

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Las Vegas powers up with solar

Las Vegas goes solar

Las Vegas is famous for gambling, but it appears they are concious about energy too. New technology has given us a gambling mecca with solar power stored in an innovative salt storage battery.

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Aeroplane powered by hemp!

Here is an aeroplane built and powered by hemp!

My work as a pilot has given me an interest in all things aviation. When aviation is powered by hemp oil and the aeroplane is built from hemp my interest rises a notch.

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Cars that do not need petrol

5 cars that do not run on petrol

My interest in alternative fuels goes back a long way. This article details 5 cars that do not run on petrol.

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Underpaid grid connect customer

Tasnetworks admits it underpaid!

In news from Tasmania, TasNetworks admits it underpaid solar powered homes by $2.4m for their contribution to the grid. Sadly I have had this claim myself, with customers thinking their installation was at fault.

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Wave energy for Australia?

Can wave energy rise to the challenge in Australia?

A pioneering wave farm off Perth in Western Australia has started generating electricty. The project, developed by Fremantle-based Carnegie Wave Energy, features two buoys, 11 m in diameter, below the sea surface (with a third to follow).

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