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Wind Generators

A wind turbine is a fantastic solution to your power needs if you have a suitable site. A wind turbine is one of the cheapest forms of energy you can have but before you consider one, look very hard at where you are locating it and how much wind your proposed site will get. There is a catch!

If you look at a commercial wind farm anywhere in the world you will notice one thing. Wind farms are always located on flat expanses of treeless plain, on the top of smooth treeless hills or on the edge of the ocean.

This should tell you something about a wind generator. In the absence of steady uninterrupted wind that is free from turbulence a wind generator will not work particularly well and may not work at all.

If you want a wind generator

First get the wind data on your proposed location. You can get this from the Bureau of Metrology online.

Next consider a wind monitoring station. Get one of these from an electronics supply chain like Jaycar or Dick Smith.

Choose a location where a wind generator will work. You need altitude, this is a tower of at least 7 metres in height, 12 - 18 is better, 30 is better again. You need clear unobstructed access to the wind. This means, no trees, no buildings and no hills within at least a 200 metre radius, preferably 400 metres.

Check with your neighbour ... The noise of wind generators annoys a lot of folk. the visual impact pisses off just as many.

Finally if you are an "ask the council" type of person, expect long delays, engineers assessments, red tape and moronic idiots who knows nothing about power generation and everything about bureaucracy.

Forget wind generators unless you are capable of raising and lowering the tower, servicing the unit yourself and understanding all the connections, the regulator and how all facets of the device work. The ability to make parts and balance blades is also useful. If you want a power generation device that will sit outside in the weather untouched for years not require maintenance, get solar panels instead.

Notwithstanding the above, if you have the correct location and are a "hands on" type of person, a wind generator can provide substantial amounts or all of your electricity needs for a fraction of the cost of solar panels.