Tasman Energy
Underpaid grid feed customer

TasNetworks admits it underpaid solar-powered homes by $2.4m for their contribution to grid

TasNetworks has revealed it has been underpaying up to 10,000 Tasmanian households with solar panels for the energy they pump back into the grid.

The business has promised to pay the amount owed to affected customers, which is expected to cost about $2.4 million.

A customer alerted TasNetworks to the issue earlier this year.

The business found a fault with meters installed since March 30, 2011, which failed to accurately record the amount of electricity being generated when heating or hot water is being used in the house.

TasNetworks spokesman Mike Paine said the payout would not push up power prices.

"The average for our customers on our testing is around $240 a customer," he said.

"There will be no impact on pricing as a result of this and we will incur all the costs internally as a business."

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